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Selling my lasersaur kit, taking offers

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Looking at a change in careers to where I can just use the “shop laser cutter” and recover a car’s worth of space in my garage. This means I probably need to say a sad-but-fond farewell to my lasersaur.

This is located in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a full-sized truck and can deliver it within a few hours (each way) drive. It’s nicely adjusted right now, but moving it will require a full set of readjustment.

Still not sure what price to ask. I know you can get new Rabbits with 80W tubes and a smaller cutting space for a few grand.  (Well, before covid.  No idea how available they are today.)  I have an indoor-usable fume filter, and a cooler good for at least 100W for as long as you like and not overheat, those run a few hundred, new, last time I checked.

The details:

  • 14.03 hardware with the open PC board controller (not the fancy, final enclosed controller)
  • 2′ x 4′ cutting bed.  Yes, that big.
  • 100W laser at EOL, measures at about 50W with my CO2 laser gauge
  • fume ventilator that works well in an enclosed workspace. I  lasercut/etch in my garage in the winter (below freezing outside) without opening the garage doors (documented here)
  • the “nice” cooler, the Reci CW-5000 model. I use it for multi-hour cuts in 80F weather and never overheat
  • if you want, a big, rolling stand to hold the laser, 2’x4′ pieces of wood, and space for the fume filter and chiller to sit on the floor
  • a bunch of random spares for the laser path including cleaning solvent, wipes, and some spare mirrors/lenses
  • some photos and video here

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