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My Gen 5 electronics and Stepstruder have arrived and I’m in the process of bolting them onto Makerbot Cupcake #235. I’ve got it mostly working and will document it fully once it’s done.


OSX / Yaesu software I’m fond of

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If you’re on a Mac and using Yaesu rigs, here are a few tools you might find useful:

MacMemoriesManager, a memory manager for the 897/817. It plays well with my microHAM USB Interface III.

MacLoggerDx, a contacts manager for contesting and whatnot. I’m not thrilled with its memory management — it can only tune frequencies from a list and can’t set options — but it’s very good for logging and looking up contacts. If you program your radio’s memories/settings then use MacLoggerDx in “read-only” mode, it’ll work quite nicely.

VX-7 Commander, which is a Windows program for managing VX-7 settings but if you tweak the comms settings it’ll work nicely under VMWare.

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