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Back in the Game!

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The past few months have been an unexpected “learning event”. In early December I had a nasty fall and got a concussion, a couple of weeks in the hospital, and almost 2 months off work recovering at home. Lots of physical and speech therapy, lots of rebuilding muscles, and a lot of “you know, I think I’m pretty damn lucky”.

My thinking is doing fine, I’m passing all my medical tests, and I can write code and talk on the phone and drive around town. I was wanting to go back to work a month before they let me, but I think I needed the time off for the physical work.

Physical stuff is a little slower — concussion recovery is nothing to joke about. I’m not allowed to do all sorts of “dangerous” exercises like riding my bicycle, running, or even running on a treadmill or standing on a chair to change a lightbulb. I’m actually proud that I can go for a mile or two walk, do a dozen situps, lift weights, and go back to music lessons.

More importantly for you, I suspect, I am back to soldering-and-coding. I’m finishing up some existing projects like finishing the Cupcake Upgrade docs, working on Lasersaur #4, and starting some new software for digifab. I’ll update things about hacking here and talk design stuff on allartburns.

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