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100 years ago today

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I’ve been reading history trying to find more on a composer (Joseph Joachim) and got distracted by what was happening 100 years ago.

By the end of June, 1915, the Germans had started using chemical weapons (chlorine gas) in WWI trench warfare and the Turks had started what became the genocide of more than a million Armenians. By the end of the year, Cornell professor Muenter set off a bomb in the Senate and shot JP Morgan, the KKK was recognized by the state of Georgia, “In Flanders Fields” was published, the British killed thousands of their own soldiers when weather blew chemical weapons back in to their own trenches, and Germany said they’ll try to stop sinking so many civilian ships with their u-boats.

My biggest problem in 2015: planning my weekend around the endless rain and thunderstorms. I need to weld for a client which means opening the windows for fresh air but I can’t do that in the rain, attend a beekeeping pest management class if it’s not cancelled due to rain, and sort out 2nd position alto scales before giving “Hebrew Melody” another try.

No chemical weapons, no endless trench warfare, no genocides, no countries attacking mass transit systems interfering with my life.


Busy as a, well, bee

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Good contract gig, finally finishing my latest lasersaur, and because I have so much free time…. BEES!

Photos for now, but words and updates of my hive tracking spreadsheet coming soon.

photos are on Flickr

and videos on vimeo.

Testing a link to Repasky’s book on swarming.

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