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Rong Fu RF-45 Clone Comparison Chart Update

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Over on the Yahoo mill_dill group I found an outdated spreadsheet comparing features of the Rong Fu RF-45 square column mill/drill and its various clones.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for awhile now for my next art project, so I decided to update the chart. You can find it over on the Yahoo group or download it here:

RF-45 Comparison Chart in Excel .xls format
RF-45 Comparison Chart in CSV

Let me know if you have any corrections/updates.

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  1. […] After updating the spreadsheet (see the previous entry), I’m thinking the Industrial Hobbies unit is the one I’m after. I can’t afford CNC just yet, but the base machine looks really good. […]

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  2. Thanks for providing this page!

    Comment by Larry — 2008/01/29 @ 00:56

  3. I like the MicroKinetics one. It has the large size, the square column, and touch probe support! They just lowered their prices on all the milling machines and they make their own electronics and really easy to use software.

    Comment by Jim Hayden — 2009/06/26 @ 15:29

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