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Heated Al Print Platforms for the MakerBot Cupcake

Filed under: Hacking,MakerBot — jet @ 23:57

New in the store: a nichrome kit option for heating the Al print platform and international shipping options.

Here’s how I set it up: using Kapton tape, I attached a loop of nichrome wire to the underside of the platform. I also put the thermistor in an “average” spot away from the wire:

heated makerbot platform

The big problem here is that the harness is not attached, so there’s no strain relief for where the wires are soldered to the thermistor and nichrome. Industrial hot glue doesn’t work, so I’m going to give heat-resistant epoxy a try next.

EDIT: Oops, completely forgot about how to hook it up! I’m using the A6 pin on the extruder, basically copying what Eberhard documented on his blog. For software, you’ll need to download and build the latest ReplicatorG and firmware from the makerbot github.



  1. So where do you plug in the power and the thermistor? I have seen various folks talk about heated build platforms, but only the mechanical aspects (resistors, nichrome, aluminum, ceramic, glass, etc.), not which extruder I/O pins they are using nor what sorts of firmware hacks are needed to monitor temp or turn the platform heat on and off.

    Comment by Ethan — 2009/12/29 @ 12:24

  2. See my blog posts “Canned Heat” (http://pleasantsoftware.com/developer/3d/2009/11/12/canned-heat/) and “How to connect the 2nd thermistor? ” (http://pleasantsoftware.com/developer/3d/2009/11/23/how-to-connect-the-2nd-thermistor/) on my blog for more information on this.

    Comment by Zaggo — 2009/12/29 @ 13:48

  3. Hi,
    the kit arrived and I posted an unpacking pic here http://theotherleft.net/blog/2010/01/08/HeatedBuildPlatformArived.aspx

    Comment by John — 2010/01/08 @ 05:54

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