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Google Street View vs. Your Privacy

Filed under: Hacking,Random and Pleasing — jet @ 20:57

In the middle of dealing with the permit process to build a deck off of our house, I read about the little oopsie Google had with collecting network data while running Street View.

It took me less than one minute to come up with some great ways to “monetize” Google Street View data by selling it to:

  • local government code-enforcement units so they can issue fines for building without a permit
  • repair/building contractors buying images of “all houses with old gutters” or “all houses with peeling paint”
  • law enforcement agencies looking for pot growers (cf. electric bills triggering search warrants)
  • security consultants / network security software firms selling fixes for things like unpatched software or open networks

You now have one minute to come up with other ideas, GO!

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