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TGIMBOEJ report — Baltimore Bazaar

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[edit in 2016: I have sent/received no boxes in the pat 5 years and should take my name off the TGIMBOE list.]

Received another TGIMBOEJ last week, and while I forgot to take photos I can at least write down what I took out and put in.

But first, a warning out adding stuff to a TGIMBOEJ box: If you add electronic components, especially tiny ones like caps or resistors, make sure they are in a sturdy bag. Two of the DC motors in this box have a collection of tiny components stuck to the coils and will probably need some cleaning/debugging to get working again.

What I took out: peristaltic pump and some end stop sensors

What I put in: printer power supply, bunch of gears, a couple of motors, lots of machine screws, some cables, and some other random bits from a printer I tore down. I also reboxed it into a new box and bagged up as many of the components as possible.



  1. Hi i Am Interested in a Box Request Please

    Comment by Pablo Garcia — 2016/01/20 @ 21:21

  2. Hi, sorry to get your hopes up. I just edited the six year old post to say that I’m no longer doing TGIMBOEJ.

    Comment by jet — 2016/01/20 @ 22:15

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