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cupcake + gen4 + mk6 progress

Filed under: Arduino,MakerBot — jet @ 22:08

Turns out my boards were dead, MakerBot RMA’d them and the new ones seem to be working just fine for manual controls and temp settings. Will do some test runs, get some end-stops made, and post a how to in the next week or so.


  1. Hey —

    I have a cupcake that I upgraded with gen4/mk6. I too had a good bit of drama, and after finally getting everything to “work,” I discovered that the original z-axis stepper and threaded rod setup that came with the cupcake does not play so well with the gen4 ‘tronics. The summary is that if you run the steeper with enough torque to overcome the drag of the threaded rod it gets too hot and fails. It’s recommended that I basically rebuild the Z-axis. (I tried all the other suggestions). Have you had any similar problems?

    Comment by Alan Rorie — 2011/05/24 @ 18:26

  2. I haven’t had any problems *however* I spent a lot of time dialing in my z-platform and use white lithium grease for lube.

    Comment by jet — 2011/05/24 @ 19:04

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