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My Introduction to Open Source Printing?

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Well, not open source as much as legal clone.

I’m not naming names until I test it, but for less than half of the cost of replacing the cartridges for my Epson R2400, aka “the big ass printer”, I got:

  • A new set of “never empty” cartridges that never go to %0 and can’t be re-used
  • An insultingly huge amount of UV dye. I got less hair dye than this in a bottle of Manic Panic, and now I have nine bottles of dye.
  • Refill syringes so I can not make a huge mess refilling things

The problem we R2400 owners have is tiny cartridges that cost $20 each and that dry out, die, or get eaten by grues when they’re not used. I’ve spent over $80 on ink in the past month and made only a couple dozen prints. My studio is too dry or my printer is broken or I dunno, but I’m ready to jump ship if this ebay purchase works out.

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  1. Yea, I tried that too, but I still have clogged-head problems. So maybe I need *another* set of cartridges just for cleaner solution. What a PITA.

    Comment by Josh Carter — 2014/01/14 @ 16:22

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