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Arduino: Generating the Morse Code

Filed under: Amateur Radio,Arduino,Hacking — jet @ 16:08

Ok, this was stupid fun and really easy. I’m relearning the Morse code — I originally learned it using the excellent ARRL CDs. As part of re-learning it, I thought it would be fun to see if I could learn it visually as well, by looking at a blinking LED. It kinda makes my brain hurt, but it actually might be doable.

So here it is, my simple Morse Code arduino sketch.

I think I might try parsing Morse next, it’s a much more interesting problem…

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  1. […] 2. A few google searches later, and I found a handy blog entry with a morse code generator for Arduino. Upload the sketch, change the pin to my pin for the laser, and voila! posted under […]

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  2. Just loaded your program on my arduino and it works great. I plan to use it in a ten meter beacon I am putting together. Thanks. Good luck in re-learning the code.

    Comment by Norb KF0XO — 2009/06/06 @ 12:49

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