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PowerBook G4 15″ + Security Update = Vertical stripe?

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Wondering if this has happened to anyone else….

I applied the most recent Apple Security Update on a PowerBook G4 15″, and after reboot, there’s a pixel-wide vertical stripe on the display. I’ve tried resetting the PRAM, rebooting, booting from install discs, booting into 9.2, letting it cool off, etc. Nothing has made it go away.

I guess it could be a coincidence, but someone else had the same thing happen and posted about it on the Apple discussion forum. I can understand a software upgrade triggering a disk failure by trying to use parts of a hard drive that are damaged, but how could it manage to trash a graphics adapter or display?

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  1. OK, same stripes here!

    Called Apple Germany:

    “Never heared about it, have to ask my boss. Please wait.”

    “Thank you for waiting, so long. We know about this problem, but will not extend the warranity.”

    “I don’t know what the technical problem is, I have to ask my boss, please wait.”

    “Thanks for waiting again. We do not know what the technical problem is behind the error. We are more looking after software problems here at apple care. But your lokal dealer should know, he is the one who is repairing computers. He is the one who should know how to solve this problem.”

    “Thanks for calling apple care, have a nice day.”

    … Have a nice day too …

    Called Gravis Shop Berlin:

    “Never heard about these problems … just bring it to our repair workshop … will make a repair offer … 2 weeks … don’t know … 59 Euros if we are not repairing it … no don’t know … don’t know … don’t know … you should ask a technican … no I can not connect you to a technican .. don’t know …”

    Called Card Service Berlin:

    “We just change parts. Never heard about it. We change parts but will not follow events after this. To check for repair costs you will have to pay 79 Euros … Mother Board … Display change … don’t know …”

    Called Cancom Munich:

    “Wait I ask in the workshop.”

    “We know about this problem.”

    “We repaired some computers, but it is very tricky. Allmost every computer was a different procedure. One time we changed the display the error reapeared after a few days, then we changed the mother board too, stripes reapeared after a few days, then we changed the display again and it worked. So it’s hard to say what will work on your computer. Display change or mother board change or both. I can only advise you, if your computer is out of warranity just leave it like it is. Our workshop will not be able to securely confirm whether a change of the display will be successful, or a mother board change. So best thing is just use a big additional display and that’s it.”

    What I have learend?

    PowerBook 17”, G4, 2005 made in Shanghai Number W8…
    Scrap metal after 3 years of use!

    Please if anyone knows that the source of the error is let us all know!

    The world is big and many technicans are out there, so let us – for one time – share your knowledge.

    Of course apple knows the source of the problem but will not tell us because we will all scream: Change it, it’s your fault!

    If there is an apple official who knows the source of the error:

    Please lock in in the discussions – even under a different name – and tell us at least what we can do, if we repair our computers by ourselfs!

    And your official apple repair shops will be thankful too, by not letting them fiddle around in the dark!


    Comment by Uhradone — 2008/11/26 @ 12:18

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