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Lasersaur + accessories for sale UPDATE 27 Jan 2023

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Important update!

If I don’t get a hard yes offer before mid February I am tearing it down for parts. Some of the parts will go on eBay, other parts will go in to my bin of Misumi stock for future builds of digifab equipment. We really do need this space for our next jobs, mine as a gunsmith, my wife as a maker of glass art.

— cut here —

Selling my lasersaur. Going through a career change and I live 15 minutes from three laser cutters that are well maintained. And maintained by someone not me!

This is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Moving the lasersaur will require four people (one on each corner). The rest of the equipment is on casters, or light enough to pick up and carry.

I’m looking at $6500, non-profits get first shot.

The Lasersaur Manual contains all the details. Mine is based on a 14.03 with the second-to-most-recent controller.

It has a 120W RECI tube but it is DOA, won’t even cut paper. Power supply tests ok so I’m pretty certain it’s the tube.

Here’s all the accessories that come with the lasesaur. There’s also
a flickr album of these.

  • NIB Ruida RDC6445G DSP Controller kit. I was going to upgrade the
    lasersaur board with this controller. This contains the display, the controller, and a bunch of cables. The plan was to use the
    exiting PSU in the lasersaur and drive the steppers with the controller.
  • Custom-built table: 72.5″ long, 48″ deep, 35″ tall. One side has a shelf for storing wood, the other side has an open space for the cooler and ventilation filter. It’s on casters to make it easier to move in a shop after you disconnect the filter and cooler.
  • Charcoal fume ventilator based on this design. It’s really amazing, I’ve used it in the middle of winter and could barely smell any smoke in the air.
  • Ventilator parts including a spare HEPA and more charcoal. When the HEPA clogs it goes from working fine to not working at all within a few minutes. I kept a spare so I could do an emergency fix in the middle of a job.
  • A CW-5200 cooler. This works very well, even in the summer heat. I’ll even toss in the half-bottle of coolant (I use coolant for GTAW welding rigs).
  • Spare PSU that was working as of 25 Aug 2015.
  • Spare PSU that I was told works, but I’ve never used it.
  • If you want it, a gas regulator so you can run nitrogen instead of compressed air.
  • Two spare PC controllers. One has a burned relay and doesn’t transmit 24V power, easy to fix.
  • Spare RECI 120W tube. No idea if it works. It’s a nice decoration if it doesn’t.

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