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Eagle Library – Arduino Nano

Filed under: Arduino,Hacking — jet @ 15:39

After ~5 minutes looking on the interwebs, I gave up and just made my own EAGLE library file for the Arduino Nano. I haven’t used it to make a board yet, so I’m going to call this the “alpha” version until I do. Use as you like, just don’t blame me if it’s broken.

jet’s EAGLE lib o’ doom



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing the footprint for the Arduino Nano!
    I’ve just created an Eagle library that combines your Nano footprint with the one for the Arduino Duemilanove. You can find it here: http://nerdnotes.org/2009/07/20/arduino-footprints/

    ps: I think you swapped the order of the analog inputs.

    [jet responds: I might have, it was one of my first Eagle libs. Thanks for the correction.]

    Comment by Bram — 2009/07/20 @ 08:54

  2. Thanks for the library, Jet! I’ve used it for a quick schematic based on Nano V3.0 Yes, the analog inputs were swapped. I’ve corrected the symbol/package, will post the corrected library as soon as I pretty it up a little :) Thanks again!

    Comment by ElectroNick — 2011/07/22 @ 16:32

  3. Yours is the only Eagle library that I have found that contains the Nano Arduino device.
    Thank you for making it available.
    The download referenced above still contains the Analog pin numbering error.
    Did you ever fix it and is there a place where I can find the corrected version?
    – Edward

    Comment by Edward — 2014/02/02 @ 02:19

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